Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 4th Is Obama's Day!

Everybody needs to get out in vote because today is a symbolic and historic day. It is the day that a black man has a chance to be president and run the country the way it should be ran. Go out and vote so it can happen and Obama can make a change! I believe in him, hes true and really into what us as the people want and he addresses it so professionally and correct. Even though I couldn't vote this year it sucks but I am still interested in this years election because something that never happened before can happen. I was told today that this morning that the lines at the voting polls were kraziie, the lines were longer than it has been in a while. Some lines were a couple blocks long, some went around one whole block. That shows that people are actually doing what they are suppose to do and that is vote! I feel that this year will be great and unlike any other! To end it off I would just like to say!

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Dreams are coming true!

I been playing basketball since I was 5 years old. That was the year when Jordan took over the whole league and was destroying everybody. I got involved in playing basketball by watching him. Since then I played basketball all the time. I played for my elementary school team for my 4th, 5th, and 6th grade years. I played in tournaments outside of school when i was in junior high school, for only my 7th grade year. But when my 8th grade year came I played for the school team. We weren't that good but I believe I did what i had to do. When i graduated and went to high school was when I started become a real basketball player. I played basketball for my school all four years. 9th grade I played in a Intramural, we went undefeated and took the championship. My teammates considered me as the MVP of the team which is a great feeling. 10th Grade I played on the JV basketball team, we went 7-7. There was no playoffs so we just played 14 games. I was the leading scorer of the team and the go to person on the team. 11th grade I played varsity basketball which was real exciting. I wasn't a starter but I came of the bench and was kinda the 6th man. 12th grade year was the best year because most of the teammates were from the JV team in 10h grade so it made things better. This year I started as the 3 man and i gained a name for myself. This year we went to the quarter finals but lost by 5 points. I was interviewed by reporters after the game which is something i never did. Later that year all the sports team had a meeting to give out trophies. I wasn't expecting it at all and I got MVP for the season. That was the first MVP trophy I ever got and it was special because it was in my senior year. As a well known basketball player in my school i had 3 nicknames, Mr.Consistency, Quiet Storm, and Silent Assassin. But as college came I got even more hype because I couldn't wait to play college ball. In the summer I played in a summer league at Lehman College. I played on a team where i didn't get that much playing time but when i did get playing time I did me to show that I could play the game. But then the head coach of Lehman College basketball team put me on his team because he saw i wasn't playing that much and saw potential in me. The day for tryouts was October 15th and I couldn't wait. When that day came I was nervous to see how things were gonna be. After the first tryout I was a lil soar but the second and third tryout I wasn't hurting at all. Saturday October 18th was the day I was waiting in the office waitng for the coach to call me in. My heart was beating so fast because i was the last person to go in the office. I went in and came out smiling because guess what, I MADE THE LEHMAN COLLEGE BASKETBALL TEAM AS A FRESHMAN!