Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 4th Is Obama's Day!

Everybody needs to get out in vote because today is a symbolic and historic day. It is the day that a black man has a chance to be president and run the country the way it should be ran. Go out and vote so it can happen and Obama can make a change! I believe in him, hes true and really into what us as the people want and he addresses it so professionally and correct. Even though I couldn't vote this year it sucks but I am still interested in this years election because something that never happened before can happen. I was told today that this morning that the lines at the voting polls were kraziie, the lines were longer than it has been in a while. Some lines were a couple blocks long, some went around one whole block. That shows that people are actually doing what they are suppose to do and that is vote! I feel that this year will be great and unlike any other! To end it off I would just like to say!

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